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  • Formation of a bespoke franchised business


    From time to time when assisting businesses, ABD must go beyond simply providing legal advice and must apply commercial expertise to assist with matters such as advertising, training, software, policies and day-to-day operations.  Tim Hotchkiss, a Partner at ABD, played a key role in this respect when instructed to advise and assist in the formation of a bespoke franchised marketing business.

    The client required the tools to build a successful franchised business having already established a highly successful brand of its own.  This included the preparation of a bespoke Franchise Agreement together with advice on the range of complex issues associated with the formation of a franchised business. 


    Tim Hotchkiss of ABD prepared a comprehensive Franchise Agreement incorporating all of the necessary provisions to enable franchisees to trade under newly formed limited companies operating under the brand of the franchisor following a proven business model.  ABD also assisted with the creation of a package comprising all of the necessary elements to establish previously untrained individuals as franchisees and to operate the franchise with the appropriate level of supervision on a pre-determined basis. 

    Tim Hotchkiss commented;

    "It was extremely rewarding to play a key role in establishing a franchised business model on behalf of the Business Development Partnership Limited from what was already a highly successful brand.  Franchising work always provides an excellent opportunity to work very closely with businesses and to apply a wide range of commercial expertise with the ultimate aim of protecting the brand.”

    Mym Holcombe of Business Development Partnership Limited commented;

    "Tim and the team were extremely knowledgeable and patient!  They assisted not only with the legal aspects of the formation of our franchised business but also with tailored advice, suggestions and ideas on the commercial side as well."

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