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  • Successful no win/no fee personal injury claim against vigorous defence


    At ABD we help many clients with personal injury claims on a no win/ no fee basis. We have an excellent track record of success, even when claims are vigorously defended, as it was in the following case.

    Whilst working, Mrs A fell in unusual circumstances and broke her leg. As a result she was unable to resume her pre-accident employment and resigned on grounds of incapacity. Her employers refused to accept responsibility for the accident and also refused to accept that the fall was the major cause of the injury.


    We acted on behalf of Mrs A, whose employer was a large multi-national corporation, obtaining evidence to support her claim. When no proposals of settlement were forthcoming we pursued the claim and issued legal proceedings against the employer. The Court set a timetable and all parties exchanged witness statements, medical expert evidence and other documents.

    Unfortunately liability remained in dispute, including conflicting views from orthopaedic surgeons as to the cause of the injury, and eventually the case progressed to a final Court hearing. However, shortly before the final hearing the employer made an offer of a financial settlement, without any admission of liability.

    In the face of such strong opposition this was a very successful outcome, made possible by the tenacity of our personal injury team. Mrs A received the settlement in full and all legal costs were recovered.

    Neale Crump, Solicitor in our litigation team commented:

    "After a considerable amount of work and negotiation the defendant finally put forward an offer to conclude this case on an amicable basis, avoiding the need for additional costs and time for the matter to go to trial.”

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