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  • In the Style to Which One Wishes to Become Accustomed

    6th May 2016

    Divorce cases involving the very rich are over-represented in court reports for the simple reason that where the family is very wealthy, the costs of arguing over the division of...

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  • Mental Health Nurse Wins Unfair Dismissal Claim

    4th May 2016

    In a case which underlines the high standards expected of employers when investigating alleged misconduct, a mental health nurse who was accused of assaulting a patient and sacked from his...

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  • Compensation for Clinical Negligence – Interim Payments

    3rd May 2016

    A cancer survivor who held a doctor responsible for years of unnecessary suffering has been awarded an interim payment of £100,000 to enable her to meet vital care needs until...

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  • Are Your Children Your Tenants? – Sign a Lease

    29th April 2016

    Parents often let their children live in properties they own on an informal basis. However, one Court of Appeal case stands as a stern warning that the absence of a...

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  • Children's Voices Matter in Care Cases

    27th April 2016

    The voices of children will always be heard by family judges in care proceedings, but they are not always decisive and can be outweighed by other factors. In one case,...

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  • Is Your Business Properly Protected Against Employee Fraud?

    25th April 2016

    In many organisations, employees have to be trusted to handle money or the business would simply grind to a halt. However, one case in which a company director made unauthorised...

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  • Court Acts to Resolve Impasse After Attorney Brothers Fall Out

    22nd April 2016

    When appointing attorneys under a power of attorney, it is important that they are not only trustworthy, but that they are able to work effectively together.It is a sad fact...

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  • Road Crash Victim Secures Substantial Compensation

    18th April 2016

    A good lawyer will not only give reliable and well-informed advice but will also bring professional negotiating skills to bear, as was illustrated by a case in which a seriously...

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  • Employment Law Changes – April 2016

    15th April 2016

    Changes to employment law and practice are normally implemented in either April or October each year in order to make life easier for employers, who must ensure that their policies...

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  • Water Company Off the Hook for Pre-existing Pollution

    13th April 2016

    The principle of 'polluter pays' is well established in the law of the land.  However, when an environment is already substandard, has the responsible body a duty to make sure...

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  • Insufficient Disclosure Negates Challenge to Enquiry

    11th April 2016

    It is generally considered that if HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) raise no enquiries in relation to a tax return in the year following its submission, that is the end...

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  • Brain Haemorrhage Victim Wins £330,000 from NHS

    8th April 2016

    Lawyers representing a 60-year-old man who suffered a brain haemorrhage the day after he was sent home from hospital have negotiated a £330,000 settlement of his clinical negligence claim against...

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  • Employment Law Makes Concessions for Downturns in Business

    4th April 2016

    Employment is viewed as a 'wage/work bargain' and it is almost always a breach of contract for an employer to cut a worker's wages. However, in the event of an...

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  • Absentee Fathers Must Pay for Their Children

    1st April 2016

    Absentee fathers have a legal duty to financially support their children – but only within reason. That point was strikingly made in one case in which a mother sought £780,000...

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  • No Reasonable Expectation of Profit Prevents Loss Claim

    23rd March 2016

    There is a common but incorrect belief that where a taxpayer incurs a trading loss, that can always be set against their other income to reduce the Income Tax they...

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  • Removal of Attorney

    18th March 2016

    The Court of Protection has come to the rescue of an elderly man who wished to have access to his own funds.The man, now aged 87, appointed his son and...

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  • Weekend Cottage Tenant Sees Off £128,000 Insurance Claim

    16th March 2016

    Anyone who lives in rented accommodation can breathe a sigh of relief after a tenant whose weekend cottage suffered severe flooding damage during a cold snap saw off a £128,000...

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  • Constructively Dismissed Airline Engineer Wins Compensation

    14th March 2016

    A senior airline engineer who was disciplined and demoted after making mistakes whilst servicing a passenger jet has been awarded almost £25,000 in compensation after an Employment Tribunal (ET) ruled...

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  • Reminder – Non-resident CGT Returns

    11th March 2016

    Non-residents who sell a property they own in the UK are reminded that they are required to inform HM Revenue and Customs through the submission of a non-resident Capital Gains...

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  • Threats Against Mother Mean Child to Remain in UK

    9th March 2016

    When a Saudi woman came to the UK on holiday with her son and claimed asylum here, alleging that she had been subjected to serious physical and sexual violence and...

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