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  • Agricultural Workers' Rights and Modern Slavery

    22nd July 2016

    In a case which serves as a warning to the farming industry, a group of Eastern European agricultural workers who were underpaid, charged illegitimate fees and subjected to unlawful deductions...

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  • Commercial leases: Forfeiture and Tenant’s Right To Relief

    20th July 2016

    Forfeiture is a useful tool for ending leases and getting rid of troublesome tenants, but commercial landlords should be aware of the potential pitfalls.  Who can forfeit? Every landlord has a...

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  • Entering Into a Joint Venture? – Take Advice First

    18th July 2016

    Buying run-down properties and renovating them for resale with a view to profit is a very common way of making money. However, one young couple discovered to their cost the...

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  • Extending Your Home? Do You Need Planning Permission?

    15th July 2016

    Planning rules relating to home extensions are complex but a householder's victory in a High Court test case is expected to make it significantly easier for some people to enlarge...

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  • Single Donor Father Has Right to Ask for Child Access

    13th July 2016

    The law often struggles to keep pace with technological developments, and artificial insemination (AI) cases are an illustration of the sorts of issues that arise.A recent case involved child custody...

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  • Baseless Will Challenge Leads to Costs Consequences

    11th July 2016

    The dangers of trying to upset the provisions of a properly drafted will were made clear in a recent case in which the daughter of a wealthy man insisted on...

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  • Religion or Belief Discrimination – What Constitutes a Philosophical Belief?

    8th July 2016

    When the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 were first introduced, employees were protected from discrimination by reason of any 'religion, religious belief or similar philosophical belief'. The wording...

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  • Landlords Pay Price for Breach of Right of Quiet Enjoyment

    6th July 2016

    A recent case illustrates the risks landlords take if they refurbish tenanted buildings without taking sufficient account of the potential impact on their tenants. Almost all commercial leases include a provision...

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  • Rushing Into Property Purchase Proves Costly

    4th July 2016

    People often complain about the length of time it takes to complete property deals. However, one Court of Appeal case, in which a contract for sale was signed on the...

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  • Succession, Retirement and Profitability Key Business Issues

    29th June 2016

    Whilst remaining profitable is the top concern for family business owners, recent research published by Close Brothers Asset Management shows that four out of the top ten worries of those...

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  • Gift-Giving – Guidance for Attorneys and Deputies

    27th June 2016

    When a person can no longer manage their own financial affairs, these will be managed either by their attorney (if a power of attorney has been made) or by their...

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  • Ex-Husband Discovers Why Court Orders Must Be Obeyed

    24th June 2016

    It is inevitable that those in receipt of court orders often consider them to be unjust – but that is never an excuse for failing to obey them. The High...

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  • Emails and an Employee's Right to Privacy

    22nd June 2016

    Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) provides that everyone has the right to respect for their private and family life, their home and their correspondence. Public...

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  • Injured School Canteen Worker Wins £25,000 in Damages

    21st June 2016

    Accidents in the workplace inevitably happen and rules are in place to ensure that, where an employer is at fault, workers are compensated for any injuries they suffer. In one...

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  • Moving In With Your Partner? Take Advice First

    17th June 2016

    Entering into informal property transactions without the benefit of legal advice is a recipe for disaster, as a young man found out when his relationship with his girlfriend ended acrimoniously...

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  • Regulators Make Sure That Debt Counsellors Can Be Trusted

    15th June 2016

    It is a comfort to consumers that those who advise the public on money matters are tightly regulated and can be swiftly shut down if they fail to come up...

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  • Contractual Guarantees Do Not Always Favour the Buyer

    13th June 2016

    Goods from toasters to multi-million-pound pieces of machinery are commonly covered by contractual guarantees – but these are not always as beneficial to buyers as they might at first appear....

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  • IHT Ignorance Means Court Hearing

    10th June 2016

    Ignorance of the law is not normally an excuse for getting things wrong, but fortunately the courts can, on occasion, come to the aid of people whose lack of legal...

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  • Sixteen Old Enough to Banish Parental Knowledge

    8th June 2016

    The respective rights of children and their parents has long been a tricky subject for the courts. A recent case on this topic involved a couple's adopted 16-year-old child, who...

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  • Bank Director – Age Discrimination Ruling

    6th June 2016

    Redundancy is a potentially fair reason for dismissal, but it may be found to be unfair – for example if a particular employee is unfairly selected for redundancy. Conversely, where...

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  • Shopper Wins Compensation for Car Park Injury

    3rd June 2016

    A 60-year-old woman who was injured when she tripped in the car park of a branch of Tesco in Scotland has reached an out-of-court settlement with the company.Susan Amer, from...

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  • Traffic Noise Blight Householders Win £125,000 Compensation

    1st June 2016

    It is often thought that if a planning decision with which you are unhappy goes ahead and the development takes place, you must simply grin and bear it. This is...

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