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  • Compensation for head injuries

    23rd May 2017

    Many brave accident victims approach their misfortune with an admirable belief that they will make a full recovery given time.

    However, such a stoical approach is not always realistic and, as one High Court case showed, it makes sense to keep the possibility of seeking compensation firmly in mind.

    The case concerned a woman in her 20s who had been involved in a road accident when she was a small child. She suffered very serious injuries, including a fractured skull, and almost died. In the years since, however, she had made a remarkable recovery and hoped to complete a university degree course.

    Tests performed years after the accident, however, revealed that she had suffered permanent brain damage and will always suffer mild cognitive difficulties. In those circumstances, her family instructed specialist solicitors who negotiated a £2.95 million settlement of her claim against motor insurers. £115,000 of that sum will be paid to the woman's parents as some compensation for their past care and expense. The Court approved the compromise as entirely sensible.

    Neale Crump, Litigation Solicitor says "Personal injury claims of this nature can take a long time to settle. However, with strong legal support, a claimant with a good case can have confidence in achieving a just result”.

     Injuries in childhood particularly a head injury can be very difficult to assess but can have serious consequences in later life affecting the injured persons ability to care for themselves, work and study which means they can need a lifetime of specialist care.

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