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  • Trips and Slips Lead to Settlements

    24th April 2017

    A number of cases involving slips and trips have recently led to compensation settlements for injured persons.

    In one case, a customer in a supermarket who slipped on a puddle which had not been mopped up suffered a head injury when she collided with the shelves.

    In addition, she suffered knee and hip injuries. A settlement was agreed with the supermarket chain without the need to go to court.

    A similar case involved a woman who slipped on a wet floor in a restaurant toilet and fractured her leg. She required surgery and an extended recuperation period as the accident had also exacerbated an existing back condition.

    After she commenced a personal injury claim, a settlement was agreed with the restaurant owner.
    A third slip case involved a hotel receptionist. Again, a puddle on the floor was the cause and the injury claim was settled out of court.

    In each of the above cases, as well as there being an avoidable risk, the owner of the premises had failed to highlight the risk of slipping by putting up a warning sign.

    In a further case, a man who fell over an obstruction in the path whilst walking his dog in a local park was awarded compensation for his injuries. The local council, which was aware of the danger but had failed to attend to it, admitted liability.

    If you are injured as a result of a trip or slip resulting from a danger which has not been properly brought to your notice or is the result of negligence on the part of the person or organisation responsible for the property, we can assist you to obtain fair compensation.

    For information and advice on Personal Injury claims contact Neale Crump in Marlborough on 01672 518620.

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