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Awdry Bailey and Douglas can trace its history back to approximately 1750 by way of an unbroken series of Partners. The firm's original founder was William Salmon who started his professional life as a young Attorney in Devizes in the mid 1700s.

His son William Salmon the Second, the so called "King of Devizes continued the legal practice and became owner of much of Devizes Castle and co-founded Devizes first bank, situated in St John's Street close to the firm's first legal premises. The firms first most notable client was probably Henry Addington, the 1st Viscount Sidmouth, who later became Prime Minister from 1801-1804.

The third Salmon to run the Devizes law firm, William Wroughton Salmon, later sold the Castle to his banking partner, Thomas Tylee, and moved to London in 1828. The law firm was left to his two partners, William Edward Tugwell and Alexander Grant Meek. In 1865 those partners were joined by Joseph Jackson and for almost 90 years that followed the firm had at least one partner from the Jackson family.

Moving to the twentieth century, it was Henry Godwin Awdry, who effectively commenced modernisation of the 200-year old legal firm and gave it its present form. Henry Awdry had started in legal practice in Chippenham with his cousin Daniel but began to assist with the legal practice at 33 St John's Street Devizes, then known as Jackson & Jackson. This was in 1948 and Henry Awdry joined the Devizes firm as a partner the following year.

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