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Conversion to LLP status

Limited Liability Partnership

On 1st April 2021 Awdry Bailey & Douglas is converting to a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). On that date we will become Awdry Bailey & Douglas LLP.

As from 1st April any reference to Awdry Bailey & Douglas will mean Awdry Bailey & Douglas LLP which was registered at Companies House on 16th December 2020 with number OC434696.

What will change?

This change should not affect you on a day to day basis. The main difference is that the legal relationship between us will, as from 1st April 2021, be between you and Awdry Bailey & Douglas LLP. 

The LLP will take over conduct of and be responsible for your legal work and therefore any existing contracts with you for the provision of legal services will be assigned to the LLP. Any Terms of Business between you and us should therefore be deemed to be amended accordingly.  

There will be no change to our dedication and commitment to provide the best possible service to you as a client and to maintain the highest professional standards. There will also be no change in personnel as a result of the conversion and if we are currently instructed by you the same people will look after your work.

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance will be renewed in the name of the LLP on the 1st April. We will continue to be regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority who have approved our application to convert to an LLP. The firm will have a new SRA number which will be 815122. 

Our bank, client account number and sort code will not change.

Our existing partnership business will transfer to the LLP in its entirety, which means that all client files, legal responsibility and confidential information will be transferred to Awdry Bailey & Douglas LLP on 1st April.

If you have any questions about this change please do not hesitate to contact us.


We use the word Partner to refer to any Members of the LLP, or any employee who is a lawyer of equivalent standing. Upon request we will provide you with a list of LLP Members (the business owners) and a list of people who have the title of Partner but are not Members. As a Limited Liability Partnership no personal liability attaches to any Member or Partner.

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