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Why Us

Some of the things our clients say about us....

"Brilliant service provided by a team that really cares."

"Outstanding service. A pleasure to do business with."

"ABD were fantastic, the level of professionalism was impressive."

"Everything was done quickly and faster than expected."

Our culture is based on two things; trying to make this a great place to work and being absolutely committed to excellent client service. We believe these go hand in hand. It's important to us to be a good employer and interested, motivated team members also provide the best possible service.

So what are the three main aspects of our service that differentiate us in a market where law firms can all appear to be the same?

Prompt and Proactive 

Our aim is to move your work forward promptly, smoothly and successfully. We’re a client focused firm and are committed to being organised, efficient and proactive. We’re focused on the service experience from your point of view. We know that timescales and speed of response are important to our clients, so we’re committed to avoiding any unnecessary delays and frustrations. This means driving things forward, being mindful of your deadlines and keeping you updated. 

Friendly & Helpful

We’re a friendly, helpful and down to earth bunch of people here at ABD. We know from the positive feedback we get from our clients that they appreciate the human side of how we do business. Legal work is ultimately about people and their concerns, aspirations, worries and ambitions so you’ll find that everyone you meet at ABD will have a genuine interest in you and what you want to achieve. We’ll robustly fight your corner and protect your interests, and this will be done by approachable, supportive, helpful and friendly people who have a genuine interest and commitment to achieving the best for you.

Focused on Solutions

Good lawyers are relentlessly focused on finding solutions and this means having an ability to simplify and bring clarity and a sense of direction to complex and challenging issues. Business awareness, creative thinking and common sense have a larger part to play in this than many people realise. We pride ourselves on combining a practical approach with strong technical legal skills. The key is to for lawyers to be technically adept but also very focused on end results. At ABD we bring accuracy and clarity, and a determination to get to the heart of a problem which is where successful solutions lie.