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Purchase Case Tracking Example

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Transaction Type : Purchase
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Property: Vine Cottage
The Avenue
SN10 1BZ
Instructed by you: 01/05/14
Client questionnaire & search fee received from you: 01/05/14
Contract pack received from Sellers Solicitor: 05/05/14
Local Search applied for: 07/05/14
Property Report and Contract sent to you: 09/05/14
Mortgage offer received: 09/05/14
Local Search result received: 29/05/14
Signed Contract received from you:
Exchange of Contracts:
Completion Date:
Your contact: Alistair Everett
Comments: 20/11/19 Good news - We are ready to exchange contracts.
I am pressing the other solicitor to do so.
I will ring you as soon as exchange has taken place.
Telephone: 01380 732900
Email: ame@awdrys.co.uk