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Remortgaging Case Tracking Example

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Transaction Type : Remortgage
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Property: Vine Cottage
The Avenue
SN10 1BZ
Instructed by you: 01/05/14
Mortgage questionaire received from you: 01/05/14
Deeds requested on: 05/05/14
Deeds received on: 07/05/14
Redemption statement requested: 09/05/14
Redemption statement received: 09/05/14
Mortgage offer received: 29/05/14
Mortgage report and Deed sent to you:
Signed Mortgage Deed received from you:
Comments: 20/11/19 I have received a copy of your mortgage offer in the post this morning.
I have checked the documentation which all looks satisfactory and I am sending the mortgage deed to you tonight.
Please sign and return the mortgage deed to me as soon as possible.
We should be able to complete your remortgage next week.
Your contact: Alistair Everett
Telephone: 01380 732900
Email: ame@awdrys.co.uk