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Wills, Probate and Trust disputes

The death of a loved one is always a difficult time and when disputes arise over the terms of a will or the actions of those administering the estate you need expert help to guide you through the legal process.

Our team of specialist lawyers can help with any dispute arising before or after the death of a loved one including:

  1. The will not being legally executed [Read more]
  2. A claim under the Inheritance Act if a family member or dependent has not been adequately provided for under the terms of the will or, if there was no will, under the intestacy rules [Read more]
  3. A challenge to the validity of the will because:
     •  It was procured by undue influence of another person;
     •  The will maker lacked mental capacity;
     •  It does not reflect the true intentions of the will maker;
     •  The will maker did not know what they were signing or was forged [Read more]
     •  A dispute between executors or beneficiaries over the administration of the estate [Read more]
  4. Disputes over the administration of trusts [Read more]
  5. Negligence by Solicitors or professional will writers in drafting the will or advising on issues such as inheritance tax planning and the estate or beneficiaries suffer loss [Read more].
  6. Disputes over the actions of a deputy or in relation to a statutory will [Read more].


Our expert team of contentious probate lawyers can advise you on the variety of methods to fund claims including "no win no fee” agreements. We offer a FREE initial consultation to assess the viability of your claim and advise on the process and funding options

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